The Oregon Academy of Audiology is a professional organization with more than 80 members! On this site, you will be able to find a local audiologist, read helpful consumer information, and discover more about how the auditory system functions! We welcome your input! Oregon has a wonderful group of professionals ready to address your particular situation.

Auditory science dates back as far as memory! The Ancient Greeks wrote about hearing, ear disease, and recorded medical remedies for conditions over 4000 years ago. And now, technology advances have allowed the revelation of microscopic functions of miniscule structures, enhanced by real time analysis and unimagined detail.

The function of hearing is complex and elegant, and requires special attention from medical providers, including audiologists. Typical audiologists prepare for their occupation by completing graduate level educational programs, passing national examinations, and enrolling in continuing education courses. Audiologists in the future will enjoy more responsibility and educational preparation, direct and analyze complex diagnostic equipment, and participate in direct patient management services. Other audiologists will focus on important new research projects aimed at revealing important secrets of neurophysiologic mechanisms to restore damaged hearing, solve the mysteries of the vestibular system, and improve speech understanding for the elderly. We are proud of the audiologists in our state and feel we can provide state of the art care to Oregon's citizens!

Audiologists provide evaluations and treatment for people of all ages, from newborns to the elderly, in schools, private clinics, and hospitals. Counseling, hearing aid prescription and fitting, rehabilitation and special services are all in the scope of practice of the audiologist! From simple hearing aid repairs to complex surgical monitoring procedures, you will find an audiologist nearby in the state.

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